My City: The King fahad Academy in Bonn Germany – From an International School to the target of false accusations is now for Sale

Build and opened in 1995 the King fahad Academy [ger. König Fahad Akademie] in Bonn Germany, was to me and my Family one of the best alternatives to keep your school education move forward, after most Diplomat Students in Germany were cooperatively at an Iraqi inversted later Kuwaity invested School. The later schools were nothing more than Caravans , those are the pictures i do still remember, that were laveshly transformed into a magnificent School completely made out of luxurious marble. A transformation that made the estimated two hundered Students from all around the Arabic Speaking World feel more welcomed and more Human.

König Fahad Akademie [engl . King Fahad Academy] in Bonn Germany – shot by Fatima al-Barwari

That school that taught me two more languages [English and German] next to the Kurdish mother tongue and the arabic administrative [Lingua Franca] was during my studies at the University of Cologne accredited as a bee hive of Islamists. An accusation that was simply false, due to the fact that the Construction of the School was welcoming two sufficiant things to a Muslim and Arab Community: An Education and a Place to express freely their religious Obligations by visity the side Mosque.

The news were accusing a Mosque Preacher of demanding a physical education of the Students, which was so trickely widened into the accusation that the entire School and Educational System was Islamist and anti Integrationalist. An Accusation that leaves even someone like me speechless.

After traveling to several States of the Globe as a Diplomat and Activ Analyst, I was so curious to know what has become of my Childhood and teenage School. And the information that was given to me by the Guards was it is closed and for Sale in case I was interested. For sale!

König Fahad Akademie Bonn – shot by Fatima Al-Barwari

The City of Bonn Badgodesberg is one of the most forgotten cities of Germany now, after it was left behind as the Capital city of Germany until 1990.

What remains is the question of why the School with it´s Mosque cant be a Cultural Center in Case an educational System can`t be reopened? How about an open Mosque again next to a Library of Islamic Culture, Language and Architecture? Even though I still wish it will maintain it´s educational Glory, regardless of the accusations that were spread mostly by the lack of knowledge and hate for an inter and multicultural City.

Fatima Al-Barwari

Veröffentlicht von Fatima Al-Barwari فاطمة البرواري

A Writer of several Children and Youth Stories, translator, Artist and Expert in Languages and Cultures of the Middle East and Africa Foreign Policy and Countering Terrorism with much love for Life, Food and Fashion. I live based on my favourites Authors favourite quotation : ” We are born the way we are Born... It’s a Toss of Dice and no one can Change it.” - Elizabeth George [Inspector Lanenly] . For more Informations about my Qualification please click on "About" and enjoy. Fatima Al-Barwari كاتبة, محللة, مترجمة و فنانة منذ الفطرة اعمل و اتعامل لمستقبل افضل بقوة و سلطة القلم فاطمة البرواري جميع حقوق الابداع و النشر محفوظة CV of Fatima Al-Barwari Education / Qualification 2012 – 2014 University of Cologne 2-Subject M.A. Degree in Languages and Cultures of the Islamic World / Languages and Cultural Transfer in Africa obtained in 2014 2007 – 2012 University of Cologne 2-Subject B.A. Degree in Languages and Cultures of the Islamic World / Languages and Cultures of Africa obtained in 2012 2005 – 2007 The University of Bonn, Law Employment to Date / Work Experience Since 01/04/2019 Independent Translator, Analyst and Children book Writer and Illustrator 01/2018 - 01/04/ 2019 Expert in Islamism and Middle eastern Conflict Zones at the Police Criminal Department of Lower Saxony 07/2015 – 08/2015 German Consulate in Istanbul – Turkey Post: Staffmember for administrating at the Syrian Visa-Section 05/2015 – 08/2015 Voluntary Translator for the UN-Global Change Lab Online platform Action Aid Denmark 08/2012 – 10/2012 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) / German Academic Exchange Service – Department Iran/Iraq Bonn -Germany Post: Trainee forwarding applications for Educational Exchange Service of Irania Students 04/2012 – 06/2012 Translator at the Department of Foreign Relations in Erbil – Kurdistan 07/2008 – 11/2009 Diakonisches Werk Bonn und Region The Social Welfare Service of Bonn and Region Bonn -Germany Post: Voluntary Leisure companion for Children with disabilities Other Experiences / Activities 03 / 2010 Voluntary commitment in organising the Iraqi palamentary elections in Cologne – Germany 01 / 2005 Voluntary commitment in organising the Iraqi palamentary elections in Cologne – Germany Languages Kurdish (Bahdini): Native Speaker; Arabic: Near Native Speaker; German: Near native Speaker; English: Fluent; Persian: Basic Other Skills Computer literate incl. Windows Microsoft and Oppen Office applications Interests Art, traveling, reading, writing historical and political analysis, International Affairs, Middle Eastern History.

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